Thursday, March 29, 2012

Justin Bieber Mobile Tweet and a Possible Lawsuit

Justin Bieber, new look
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"Be careful what you tweet for" this is an unsolicited advice to a pop-star Justin Bieber and to all popular celebrities who are actively using twitter social media to communicate with their fans. Just recently Justin Bieber sent out a tweet message to his fans from his mobile stating "Call me right now" with a Dallas phone number but the the last end digit was a question mark. Leaving all the his fans have guessing the combination of that number ringing every owner of that number for almost a month, just looking for Justin Bieber because of his recent tweet. 

telephone ringing
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Among of the number owner have been ringing  every hours just looking for Justin declaring their admiration and love to the pop-star, who also getting calls from India and requesting the teen pop star to visit India. The owner seek the advice for his attorney to help slow down the calls and asking for Bieber's camp to acknowledge a damage suit for the trouble that it cause. The other owners of combinations of the number are asking for public apology of Justine Bieber and a future concert ticket. And some owner put a recording message on their phone with the message:  "This is not Justin Bieber number, please don't call us again"!
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Saturday, March 24, 2012

iTunes Pinoy Version

opm2go,pinoy iTunes, mp3 download

A great news to all pinoy who love music but still want it in a legal and affordable ways. Ogie Alcasid have come out of an idea of selling music online just like what iTunes have been doing but more serve for all Original Pinoy Music (OPM) only.We all know that original CD was a bit pricey for us and we are resorted to prefer mp3 download music than purchasing a CD that needs a CD player, whether legal or illegal. 

The site was called and the cost of song was Php 15.00 per download, which is more affordable to have it on our ipod, ipad, iPhone, phones or any mp3 player that we have. This is a new horizon for OPM to lifted up their music and free from piracy where people preferred free mp3 download which can hurt the industry of music. 

opm2go,pinoy iTunes, mp3 download, Sarah Geronimo

I can see also a future for prospect musician that will open their doors on it, which has no luck in entering the record label. One can produce his own song and sell it on this site, just like no known artist in Youtube making an effort to sell their own and market it in iTunes until they will have a good offer in the big company of recording.

Let us all support pinoy music and patronize them so that they can compete and strive hard to give us quality music content.
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Saturday, March 17, 2012

CDR King Phone WTF

Yesterday I was at the city of Cabanatuan in N.E Pacific mall looking for CD and mouse pad. I already run out of CD at my shop and all the mouse pad are needs to retired and change. While looking at different style of mouse pad, I noticed that CDR King are also selling phones. It is actually a no surprise because CDR King are now selling products that you don't think it is available at them. They sell plastic ware, bags, windmill, school supplies and even hair dryer you named it, and it was there at CDR King. But phones are the last thing that will come to my mind, they are selling cellphones wtf. I wonder if someone will bite it and gain a headache out of it.
CDR King Phones, Fastphone, TFT
CDR King 2.0 TFT Fastphone
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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Hunger Games: The World Will Be Watching

Humger Games, Movie Poster
On March 23, 2012 mark this day because this is the day that will be publicly shown on theater and it was expected to be watch by the whole world. Basically I am waiting also for this film, the trailer was superb and it was predicted that it will gross $95 million on its first weekend, many believe that it it will surpass the movie "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn"  or closed to it. So maybe this movie has a good to offer.

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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Embarrassing Moment with iPhone 4s

Just wanted to share my experience upon handling my iPhone 4s going home while riding a jeep.

I am actually using my iPhone 4s filming this one, to try and test the video of it, though I feel shy talking to a phone while my son keep on talking on the background, I still push my courage to post this one. The story is my embarrassment moment inside a jeep, I am so noob to use it, because it was my first time to have my very own smartphone. And even-though my hubby had a Samsung Omnia I never bother to get familiarized with it, I was contented with my phone that time because it still serves its purpose to me receiving call and text and vise versa. 

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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Still awake

slepless, with my phone
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And so I am still awake, trying to familiarize my phone, my first smartphone actually. Yes finally, I was able to get my iPhone 4s after 3 weeks of waiting it at Globe. Though I have a little frustration not to get my type of color, at least no more waiting and suspense. And before the battery will run out (didn't know that it was so easy to drain by gaming), need to say bye for now, have a nice day ahead!
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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Hello to my New Blog

mobile blogging
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Greetings! I finally set up this blog intended to do my blogging while I am away at the keyboard. I have been dreaming to blog even I am in the travel to publish something on the go with a risk of non-editing too. I plan to use my iPhone 4s for this blog, to capture anything, and to write something in a snap. I just hoped that I can fulfill it. Good luck to me!

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