Saturday, April 12, 2014

Globe or Smart Prepaid WiFi: Which one is the best?

I am searching and scouting for a good pocket wifi I could use during emergency and brown out.  This past week or even in the past months they said that there might be a power shortage in the country which will result in rotational brownout across the country in the future. I wanted to make sure I could still stay online during those times. I can still remember the times when we are strike by storm Santi where we experience a longer power outage in the history and I need to travel an hour just to get connected and pass an overdue work. And I don’t want that to happen again.

Smart Pocket Wifi, Php 1,995.00

Anyway I am not getting any plans from both Globe and Smart as this will only serves as an emergency and a temporary gateway for my connection. I only need a prepaid so I can load it up anytime I need it. The first one I inquire is from Smart that costs a onetime fee of Php 1,995 and it has a preloaded of one time Php 20 airtime. It has a speed of up to 7.2 Mbps but of course we all know that these providers never tell the truth of their internet capability, they said we can connect gadgets up to 10 devices. But according to their sales support our place has a limited availability for this pocket wifi to run smoothly telling me that what I expected from this may not serve well. So I probably get the other one from Globe.

Tattoo 4G Mobile Wifi price comparison

At Globe they called it Tattoo 4G Mobile Wifi, its name is too long that consumers might forget but hoping a strong connection from this one for an overly hype name. According to them the speed is up to 12 Mbps higher than the offer of Smart but has the same price of Php 1,995 and can also connect 10 gadgets. I am planning to get this one but wireless center said I need to reserve first as this is always out of stock. They also offer me the one with the power bank but almost double in price of Php 3,795 which I can also use when the battery of my gadget drained, it has 5,200 mAh stored power, good enough to charge 3 gadgets. Their Tattoo LTE prepaid wifi has a higher speed of 42 Mbps but this one is way beyond my budget with price of Php 4,995 and has only 1780 mAh stored power in it, but I guess LTE is not available in my place.

I am down with the two options from Tattoo 4G Mobile Wifi or the one with powerbank. I am also thinking of buying a separate powerbank and get that Php 1,995 mobile wifi but its availability in the wireless center is limited only. I’ll let you know once I get mine.  

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