Thursday, March 29, 2012

Justin Bieber Mobile Tweet and a Possible Lawsuit

Justin Bieber, new look
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"Be careful what you tweet for" this is an unsolicited advice to a pop-star Justin Bieber and to all popular celebrities who are actively using twitter social media to communicate with their fans. Just recently Justin Bieber sent out a tweet message to his fans from his mobile stating "Call me right now" with a Dallas phone number but the the last end digit was a question mark. Leaving all the his fans have guessing the combination of that number ringing every owner of that number for almost a month, just looking for Justin Bieber because of his recent tweet. 

telephone ringing
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Among of the number owner have been ringing  every hours just looking for Justin declaring their admiration and love to the pop-star, who also getting calls from India and requesting the teen pop star to visit India. The owner seek the advice for his attorney to help slow down the calls and asking for Bieber's camp to acknowledge a damage suit for the trouble that it cause. The other owners of combinations of the number are asking for public apology of Justine Bieber and a future concert ticket. And some owner put a recording message on their phone with the message:  "This is not Justin Bieber number, please don't call us again"!


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