Thursday, September 20, 2012

Study Shows No Scientific Evidence that Cell Phones Can Cause Cancer

cell phone brain tumor

Many of us believe that cell phones can give us cancer, especially brain cancer because it was always use near  in our  sense temple, this beliefs have been pass through time since the day that mobile phone is immerging and improving. They say that cell phone radiation is harmful that can cause tumor and end up in having a cancer.

But here is the good news, according to Norwegian Institute of Public Health that comes up with a 200 page comprehensive study on mobile phones; there is no scientific evidence that low-level electromagnetic field exposure from mobiles phones and other transmitting devices causes adverse health effects.

It is a great debate discussion about the dangers of cell phone user that electromagnetic radiation from mobile devices can damage human cells and possibly cause cancer. The Norwegian study found that the electromagnetic fields generated by mobile phones are all below thresholds recommended by the International Commission on Non-ionizing radiation protection (ICNIRP). Those thresholds are set to be fifty times lower than the minimum value of electromagnetic radiation required to cause heating of human tissue or stimulation of nerve cells.

The massive study for 18 years old and above of 360,000 cell phone users have found no evidence of increase in cancer rates.

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Monday, September 17, 2012

Instagram Photo of the Day: A Very Small Kitten

instagram photo, little kitten

I found this very cute kitten at our house, and the size is so small as half of my palm only. My son named it Jake  from the famous cartoon series in Cartoon Network's Adventure Time. Though Jake there is a dog I still accepts my son's decision to name it as Jake. 

If you have more time please follow me on Instagram @airchris. Please enjoy my photo of the day.
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Sunday, September 16, 2012

What to Expect in iPhone 5?

iPhone 5 look

So, are you excited about it? Just recently Apple releases their newest version of iPhone which is iPhone 5 in which we expected to compete among the latest smartphones in the market, such as Samsung Galaxy SIII and forth coming of Nokia Lumia. There are two reasons why there is a need to get a new iPhone 5. First is simply getting a new smartphone especially to those who haven’t had any possession of it and second just to upgrade and experience the latest features that iPhone 5 has there to offer. But getting a new iPhone 5 needs a meticulous considerations and tough decisions if you were just changing from your currently high end gadget of communication.

iPhone 5 back
iPhone 5 Newest Design.
We all knew that iPhone designs are made to be simple and minimalist, they always aiming to be friendly user and easy to use as possible as it can be. And when the iPhone 5 launched last September 12 many are excited to see on how the new version will be better from the last iPhone 4S. The new iPhone5 is just 7.6 mm thin, 4.87 inches in height and weighing 112 grams only and so far they are claiming that this is their tinniest and lightest display. Apple also did a make-over from their previous headphone that is design to focus the output and preventing sound loss and yet can fit comfortably. The 4 inch retina display is bigger than the previous iPhone 4S but has the same width as iphone 4S to be able to use in one hand only.

iPhone 5 size
What to expect in iPhone 5 camera?
The camera has 8 megapixel iSight camera (same as iPhone 4s) and has also a built in app of panorama. The camera is not that we should excite about.

Final verdict on iPhone 5.
Well basically the difference now between the previous iPhone 4s and iPhone 5 is just a slight but it is expected to be faster and the battery should last more than its previous iPhone. So do you think this will overhype the currently selling S3 in the market? Please share your thoughts about it.

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Friday, September 14, 2012

Hostage Prison Guard Saved By Inmates' Illegal Mobile Phone

Prison with hand

A prison guard in the South Carolina was saved last night in a serious five-hour hostage taking, where inmates used contraband cell phones to contact police authorities that the injured prison guard was being held inside a broom closet.
The victim is suffered with lacerations on his face and was held hostage for five hours in a closet guarded by inmates, many of them convicted rapists and murderers.
Fortunately other inmates inside the prison alerted authorities and asked to help the injured guard, which had previously been smuggled into the prison by throwing in them over the perimeter fence, Newsom said.
The state department of corrections directed hostage negotiators and SWAT teams to the prison, where a standoff ensued for nearly five hours.
At 9:34 p.m. a special operations team stormed the prison and found the guard, freeing him within 15 minutes and suppressing the riot.
The spokesman said the attack on the guard was a crime of "opportunity" and did not appear to have been planned.
Authorities did a search of the prison things and confiscated illegal contraband including cell phones that saves life of prison guard. 
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Sunday, September 2, 2012

IPod Touch Giveaway From Designrs Hub

Win a brand new 16 GB Apple iPod Touch from Designrs Hub. This is their first year anniversary gratitude to all their readers who constantly patronizing their site in just a short time. 

Apple iPod Touch Giveaway

The contest will run from September 1 to September 30, 2012. Join now to enter their easy rafflecopter entry here.
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Friday, August 31, 2012

Mobile Phones are Dirtier than Toilet Seats

Mobile phone in hand
Image from
Of course everyone wants to sit in a clean and spotless toilet seat. In fact every homemaker makes sure that this is the cleanest among the place in our home. Soaps, water and disinfectant can thoroughly clean it, and if you compare toilet seat than the keyboard of our computer it will appeared that the keyboard is more dangerous and prone to sickness and diarrhea.

But be more warned when you find out that your mobile phone is more dangerous and threat to your health. The one that you always hold almost every day anytime of the day contains more bacteria than you find in a toilet.

According to experts, they discovered that there are 10 folds more bacteria in the average phone that they experimented which can cause nausea and stomach problems.

If we notice our phones are often passed from hands to another hands and we neglect to clean it, in which the bacteria and germs are cultivating and spreading and diseases keeps building up on the phone. According to Charles Gerba, a microbiologist at the University of Arizona, bacteria get into the phone easily due to the fact that it is so close to our hands and mouths. When mobile phones are shared with friends or strangers, germs easily get into the devices and since it is an electronic device, people seldom clean them, Gerba added.

Most often people do not usually clean their phones. However, giving them a wipe with an antibacterial substance or alcohol can sanitize it and can save you from harmful diseases especially if your child also borrows your phone to play or used it as a communication. 
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Friday, June 22, 2012

Samsung GALAXY S III Review

The GALAXY S III in Pebble Blue is finally in town! Drop by the GALAXY Studio at the Greenbelt 3 lobby this weekend if you've been waiting to get your hands on one!

Samsung GALAXY S III in Pebble Blue

The price of this unit is Php 32,990.00 (16GB) or approximately 780 dollars. 

Samsung Galaxy S3 is also available in plans to both Globe and Smart giant Telco’s in the Philippines.

What to expect in Samsung Galaxy S III:
Below I just highlighted some of the interesting features of the unit which can also be cited at their official website for full features of Samsung Galaxy S3.

*Smart Stay - It waits till you're asleep: the screen maintains a bright display as long as you're looking at it.

*Direct Call - It knows when you want to talk: if you're sending a message but decides to call instead, simply lift the phone to your ear and it will dial your friend's number automatically. (For me this is really convenient)

*Smart Alert - It knows when you've been away from your phone: a vibrating nudge lets you know that you have missed calls or messages. (Totally awesome to know when your phone alerts you)

*S Voice - It responds to you: you can tell the phone to wake up, answer an incoming call, or even take a photo.

*S Beam - It shares what’s in your heart: place two Samsung GALAXY S III's back-to-back and you can transfer pictures, music, videos, and more. (Sadly this will work on the same unit only)

*Pop-up Play - It lets you do two things at once: watch HD videos as you email or text.

*Best Photo - It sees your best side: picks the best out of 8 continuous photos. (My favorite features on Galaxy S III)

Samsung GALAXY S III best photo feature
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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Nokia Price List in Philippines as of April 22

Nokia image
If you happen to look for the latest price list of Nokia in their respective models, then you are on the right place. Below are the Nokia models with their current pricing in the Philippines from lowest to highest price.

Price List as of April 2012
  • Nokia 1280 - P 975.00
  • Nokia 100 - P 1,300.00
  • Nokia 101 Dual Sim - P 1,460.00
  • Nokia X1-01 - P 1,800.00
  • Nokia C2-00 - P 2,450.00
  • Nokia C1-01 - P 2,300.00
  • Nokia Asha 200 - P 3,450.00
  • Nokia C2-01 - P 3,500.00
  • Nokia C2-03 - P 4,100.00
  • Nokia C3 - P 4,250.00
  • Nokia Asha 300 - P 4,800.00
  • Nokia Asha 302 - P 5,150.00
  • Nokia C5-06 - P 6,000.00
  • Nokia Asha 303 - P 6,050.00
  • Nokia X3-02.5 - P 6,550.00
  • Nokia C5 5MP - P 6,600.00
  • Nokia 500 - P 7,400.00
  • Nokia 700 - P 11,200.00
  • Nokia E6 - P 13,000.00
  • Nokia Lumia 710 - P 13,950.00
  • Nokia N701 - P 14,600.00
  • Nokia N8 - P 16,700.00
  • Nokia N9 - P 22,000.00
  • Nokia Lumia 800 - P 22,500.00

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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Justin Bieber Mobile Tweet and a Possible Lawsuit

Justin Bieber, new look
Image Source:
"Be careful what you tweet for" this is an unsolicited advice to a pop-star Justin Bieber and to all popular celebrities who are actively using twitter social media to communicate with their fans. Just recently Justin Bieber sent out a tweet message to his fans from his mobile stating "Call me right now" with a Dallas phone number but the the last end digit was a question mark. Leaving all the his fans have guessing the combination of that number ringing every owner of that number for almost a month, just looking for Justin Bieber because of his recent tweet. 

telephone ringing
Image Source:

Among of the number owner have been ringing  every hours just looking for Justin declaring their admiration and love to the pop-star, who also getting calls from India and requesting the teen pop star to visit India. The owner seek the advice for his attorney to help slow down the calls and asking for Bieber's camp to acknowledge a damage suit for the trouble that it cause. The other owners of combinations of the number are asking for public apology of Justine Bieber and a future concert ticket. And some owner put a recording message on their phone with the message:  "This is not Justin Bieber number, please don't call us again"!
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Saturday, March 24, 2012

iTunes Pinoy Version

opm2go,pinoy iTunes, mp3 download

A great news to all pinoy who love music but still want it in a legal and affordable ways. Ogie Alcasid have come out of an idea of selling music online just like what iTunes have been doing but more serve for all Original Pinoy Music (OPM) only.We all know that original CD was a bit pricey for us and we are resorted to prefer mp3 download music than purchasing a CD that needs a CD player, whether legal or illegal. 

The site was called and the cost of song was Php 15.00 per download, which is more affordable to have it on our ipod, ipad, iPhone, phones or any mp3 player that we have. This is a new horizon for OPM to lifted up their music and free from piracy where people preferred free mp3 download which can hurt the industry of music. 

opm2go,pinoy iTunes, mp3 download, Sarah Geronimo

I can see also a future for prospect musician that will open their doors on it, which has no luck in entering the record label. One can produce his own song and sell it on this site, just like no known artist in Youtube making an effort to sell their own and market it in iTunes until they will have a good offer in the big company of recording.

Let us all support pinoy music and patronize them so that they can compete and strive hard to give us quality music content.
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Saturday, March 17, 2012

CDR King Phone WTF

Yesterday I was at the city of Cabanatuan in N.E Pacific mall looking for CD and mouse pad. I already run out of CD at my shop and all the mouse pad are needs to retired and change. While looking at different style of mouse pad, I noticed that CDR King are also selling phones. It is actually a no surprise because CDR King are now selling products that you don't think it is available at them. They sell plastic ware, bags, windmill, school supplies and even hair dryer you named it, and it was there at CDR King. But phones are the last thing that will come to my mind, they are selling cellphones wtf. I wonder if someone will bite it and gain a headache out of it.
CDR King Phones, Fastphone, TFT
CDR King 2.0 TFT Fastphone
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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Hunger Games: The World Will Be Watching

Humger Games, Movie Poster
On March 23, 2012 mark this day because this is the day that will be publicly shown on theater and it was expected to be watch by the whole world. Basically I am waiting also for this film, the trailer was superb and it was predicted that it will gross $95 million on its first weekend, many believe that it it will surpass the movie "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn"  or closed to it. So maybe this movie has a good to offer.

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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Embarrassing Moment with iPhone 4s

Just wanted to share my experience upon handling my iPhone 4s going home while riding a jeep.

I am actually using my iPhone 4s filming this one, to try and test the video of it, though I feel shy talking to a phone while my son keep on talking on the background, I still push my courage to post this one. The story is my embarrassment moment inside a jeep, I am so noob to use it, because it was my first time to have my very own smartphone. And even-though my hubby had a Samsung Omnia I never bother to get familiarized with it, I was contented with my phone that time because it still serves its purpose to me receiving call and text and vise versa. 

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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Still awake

slepless, with my phone
Image Source:
And so I am still awake, trying to familiarize my phone, my first smartphone actually. Yes finally, I was able to get my iPhone 4s after 3 weeks of waiting it at Globe. Though I have a little frustration not to get my type of color, at least no more waiting and suspense. And before the battery will run out (didn't know that it was so easy to drain by gaming), need to say bye for now, have a nice day ahead!
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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Hello to my New Blog

mobile blogging
Image Source:
Greetings! I finally set up this blog intended to do my blogging while I am away at the keyboard. I have been dreaming to blog even I am in the travel to publish something on the go with a risk of non-editing too. I plan to use my iPhone 4s for this blog, to capture anything, and to write something in a snap. I just hoped that I can fulfill it. Good luck to me!

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