Sunday, September 16, 2012

What to Expect in iPhone 5?

iPhone 5 look

So, are you excited about it? Just recently Apple releases their newest version of iPhone which is iPhone 5 in which we expected to compete among the latest smartphones in the market, such as Samsung Galaxy SIII and forth coming of Nokia Lumia. There are two reasons why there is a need to get a new iPhone 5. First is simply getting a new smartphone especially to those who haven’t had any possession of it and second just to upgrade and experience the latest features that iPhone 5 has there to offer. But getting a new iPhone 5 needs a meticulous considerations and tough decisions if you were just changing from your currently high end gadget of communication.

iPhone 5 back
iPhone 5 Newest Design.
We all knew that iPhone designs are made to be simple and minimalist, they always aiming to be friendly user and easy to use as possible as it can be. And when the iPhone 5 launched last September 12 many are excited to see on how the new version will be better from the last iPhone 4S. The new iPhone5 is just 7.6 mm thin, 4.87 inches in height and weighing 112 grams only and so far they are claiming that this is their tinniest and lightest display. Apple also did a make-over from their previous headphone that is design to focus the output and preventing sound loss and yet can fit comfortably. The 4 inch retina display is bigger than the previous iPhone 4S but has the same width as iphone 4S to be able to use in one hand only.

iPhone 5 size
What to expect in iPhone 5 camera?
The camera has 8 megapixel iSight camera (same as iPhone 4s) and has also a built in app of panorama. The camera is not that we should excite about.

Final verdict on iPhone 5.
Well basically the difference now between the previous iPhone 4s and iPhone 5 is just a slight but it is expected to be faster and the battery should last more than its previous iPhone. So do you think this will overhype the currently selling S3 in the market? Please share your thoughts about it.

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