Friday, August 31, 2012

Mobile Phones are Dirtier than Toilet Seats

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Of course everyone wants to sit in a clean and spotless toilet seat. In fact every homemaker makes sure that this is the cleanest among the place in our home. Soaps, water and disinfectant can thoroughly clean it, and if you compare toilet seat than the keyboard of our computer it will appeared that the keyboard is more dangerous and prone to sickness and diarrhea.

But be more warned when you find out that your mobile phone is more dangerous and threat to your health. The one that you always hold almost every day anytime of the day contains more bacteria than you find in a toilet.

According to experts, they discovered that there are 10 folds more bacteria in the average phone that they experimented which can cause nausea and stomach problems.

If we notice our phones are often passed from hands to another hands and we neglect to clean it, in which the bacteria and germs are cultivating and spreading and diseases keeps building up on the phone. According to Charles Gerba, a microbiologist at the University of Arizona, bacteria get into the phone easily due to the fact that it is so close to our hands and mouths. When mobile phones are shared with friends or strangers, germs easily get into the devices and since it is an electronic device, people seldom clean them, Gerba added.

Most often people do not usually clean their phones. However, giving them a wipe with an antibacterial substance or alcohol can sanitize it and can save you from harmful diseases especially if your child also borrows your phone to play or used it as a communication. 
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