Saturday, March 17, 2012

CDR King Phone WTF

Yesterday I was at the city of Cabanatuan in N.E Pacific mall looking for CD and mouse pad. I already run out of CD at my shop and all the mouse pad are needs to retired and change. While looking at different style of mouse pad, I noticed that CDR King are also selling phones. It is actually a no surprise because CDR King are now selling products that you don't think it is available at them. They sell plastic ware, bags, windmill, school supplies and even hair dryer you named it, and it was there at CDR King. But phones are the last thing that will come to my mind, they are selling cellphones wtf. I wonder if someone will bite it and gain a headache out of it.
CDR King Phones, Fastphone, TFT
CDR King 2.0 TFT Fastphone
CDR King Phones, Fastphone, 2.0 TFT
Their looks and designs were not bad at all!
CDR King Phones, Fastphone, 2.0 TFT
I don't know what actually are the specs and features of the phone because the saleslady told me that taking pictures was prohibited but according to their website it is a dual sim  and comes with color black and white cost only of  PHP 1,380.00 for 2.0" and PHP 990.00 for 1.8". I can't see anything special about it but the fact that it was a product of CDR King I can't recommend it at all, since mobile phones from Nokia and Samsung are affordable nowadays. But if you have purchased one and it works well for you please tell me about it, so that I can change my thoughts about their phones.


  1. i saw this sis.. meron din dito sa manila

  2. wow... i wonder how long it will last... or how long will it give the buyer headache heheheh...

    Eigroj Stain

    1. cp of cd r king are not bad ... I have u1120 (600 pesos) cellphone and it is very functional for that price .. In fact , I fall it for several times but yet still alive .. But it has powerful amplifier which its speaker cannot handle.. that is why when bring to max setting it silence..

      Cd - r king provides items that are use ful in a cheap way ..

    2. hahahha,, i think cd-r king cp's are not bad ... in fact i have one the U1120 (600 pesos) and it very functional for its price compared to other brands...
      also i bring it to several falls(almost 1 year tome ) but yet still works ... :))
      although i bring it to repair because of its speaker ,, its amplifier is powerful that its speaker cannot handle ... max setting will silence it ..

      they provide functional and hi -tech items for affordable price .. and that is very good, real and amazing..

  3. LOL! wala akong tiwala dyan nakow. However, I bought a flash drive from cdr king 3 years ago. Still works well hehe!

  4. hehe.. I think they are not far different from China phones

  5. I wonder if this is durable. but i doubt! :D

  6. If customers bite it, we will eventually know if these products are good. I'll be watching.

    Directions on Web

  7. I prefer nokia low tech phone than CDR king.

  8. nakakatawa... lahat na yata eh meron sila... soon pati timba at batya meron na din sila.. hahaha!

  9. I myself have a Nokia 5800XM, but I learned to love this cheap little QWERTY phone with the nifty TV in it...

  10. I bought one myself. It's the CDRKING u1120 dual sim.

    The operating system is Symbian. The battery, headset, and charger are all Nokia compatible.

    Actually, it's probably a re-badged Nokia phone for just 599!

    I use it as my roaming phone here in Singapore. I put a SingTel Kababayan pre-paid and a Globe OFW sim.

    No complaints here.

  11. i just bought CDR-KING U1120 for 599 w/ micro sd lot and video player MP4 format. so far no problem encounter fro price of 599.

    Band: Dual Band
    2G Network: GSM 900/1800 or 850/1900
    Keyboard: Normal number keyboard
    Sim Cards: Dual Sim Cards(Dual Standby)
    Size: 110x 59x14.7mm
    Display: 1.8" TFT
    Camera: 30k VGA CMOS
    FM Radio: Support FM 87-108MHz
    Card Slot:T-flash(Micro SD Card)
    Multi-media: Support MP3 & MP4
    With Torch Light
    With Bluetooth Support
    With Built-in Speaker
    With Recheargeable Lithium-ion Battery
    Battery: 350mAh, Nokia BL-5C
    Talk Time: 2.5hrs to 3.5hrs
    Accessory: Earphone, Charger compatible to Nokia
    Packaging: Handset x1, Battery x1, Charger x1, Manual x1, Gift Box x1

  12. i also bought Cdr king U1120 for 599,ok naman xa walang problema medyo matagal naa akong bumibili sa mga product nila,at hanggang ngayon gumagana pa.

  13. We just bought a cd-r king phone for my brother as a gift but I'd be honest, the phone is not really that good. -.- We just drained its battery in its first use and after charging, it won't open again. I don't know if it's broken or not but later on, I noticed that the keypad is the problem. I think their phone product just doesn't work. But I'd say I love almost all of their products regarding the computer stuff and also, their sales person and technicians cooperate and entertains client very well.

  14. i also bought Cdr king U1120 mganda naman sya kahit 8gb na memory card kaya nya pati speaker ng mp3 nya maganda rin quality also the video nkakapag downloed akp ng movie and pinpanuod ko sa cd-r king u1120 na phone very very ok sya..

  15. i also bought Cdr king U1120 maganda nmn malinaw kamera well depende nmn sa paggamit mu ng phone yan eh kung hindi ka marunong mag alaga ng phone masisira agad..

  16. I bought a Glue gun there for abut 50 pesos. Funny thing is, mas nagtagal pa siya kesa dun sa nabili ko sa mall. :)

  17. cnu na ba nakabili ng cd r king c9 phone...balak kong bumuli kaso parang my doubt pa ako....

  18. just bought this u1120 (I was looking at other models from P399 to P599, but the saleslady insisted that it's their reliable model at that price range).. pag uwi ko, charging port is loose... papareplace ko tomorrow.

    what can i say.... its nice to look at but close inspection shows that its of cheap materials.. the back cover doesnt really fit snugly... but how can you complain.. it's only 600 pesos.

    sound quality as a music player using the back speaker? sakit sa tenga.. LoL. headset is 19kopongkopong pa ang port (typical of those tv phones of long time ago)... hindi ear phone jack style.

    plus factor din ang flashflight function nya.


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