Friday, September 14, 2012

Hostage Prison Guard Saved By Inmates' Illegal Mobile Phone

Prison with hand

A prison guard in the South Carolina was saved last night in a serious five-hour hostage taking, where inmates used contraband cell phones to contact police authorities that the injured prison guard was being held inside a broom closet.
The victim is suffered with lacerations on his face and was held hostage for five hours in a closet guarded by inmates, many of them convicted rapists and murderers.
Fortunately other inmates inside the prison alerted authorities and asked to help the injured guard, which had previously been smuggled into the prison by throwing in them over the perimeter fence, Newsom said.
The state department of corrections directed hostage negotiators and SWAT teams to the prison, where a standoff ensued for nearly five hours.
At 9:34 p.m. a special operations team stormed the prison and found the guard, freeing him within 15 minutes and suppressing the riot.
The spokesman said the attack on the guard was a crime of "opportunity" and did not appear to have been planned.
Authorities did a search of the prison things and confiscated illegal contraband including cell phones that saves life of prison guard. 

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