Sunday, October 6, 2013

Siri’s Voice Revealed in CNN

Susan Bennet the voice behind SIri
And I thought Siri was a robotic voice produce by the Apple company and never in my mind I think it was came from a human.

Last Friday, the CNN revealed they discovered the voice of Siri and it was Susan Bennett a voice-actor from Atlanta. Although the spokesperson from Apple company decline to comment on whose really behind the voice of Siri the CNN provided an audio-forensics expert to determine their similarity of their voices and it was 100 % certain that the two are the same.

Bennett work for hours in the comfort of their home in 2005 recording every details of phrases and sentences and was paid per hour. Her friends also emailed her recognizing her voice on their phone when the model of iPhone 4S introduced in 2011.

And now that we know the voice of Siri, what now? I hardly use it!

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