Wednesday, September 25, 2013

iPhone 5S or iPhone 5C; Which One Will You Buy?

iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C
When it comes to smartphones nothing can beat the sales and hype of Apple products and we witness that when the Apple Inc. launch their new product iPhone 5S and iPhone 5c last Friday bagging of 9 million sales in just 3 days.

But Apple is trickery that it launches two products on the same date and it makes the first time buyer of iPhone confused on which one to chose. For those who can afford, most of them bought the same products which are really crazy and unbelievable maybe these people are just fanatic of the Apple or just don’t wanna be left behind by their peers. 

iPhone 5S cost $649 while iPhone 5C is $549 with a difference of $100, while 5S is Leica-inspired metal and 5C was made with polycarbonate plastic that comes with different vibrant colors. Of course 5S is faster than 5c which is noticeable only for hardcore gamer but for just a regular user of the smartphone like browsing, surfing, calling and other things to do in iPhone the speed was just normal because iPhone 5C and iPhone 5 have the same chip of A6 while iPhone 5s having A7 chip and new M7 for motion for its specific task, maybe for fingerprint scanner.

Both iPhone 5s and 5c have the same 4" Retina display and iOS 7, but the iPhone 5s benchmarks is  2x faster and has a fingerprint scanner with a new camera larger pixels that can do burst mode shooting and slow-mo video capture.

iPhone 5C polycarbonate plastic cover is eye candy and trendy and cheaper in contract but if you ask me I will still go for the traditional look of metal one which is stronger build and much faster than 5 and 5c that can cope up with the progression of new future smartphone or newer model of Apple and all it take is just the addition of $100.

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