Sunday, February 9, 2014

Flappy Bird Bids Goodbye


Dong Nguyen the creator of the app game Flappy Bird said that he will taking down the game this February 9.

In his previous tweets, the success and instant fame of the game has taken down his own private life.

Just like gamers who hooked on with this game the creator of itself now hates his own game because it creates critics, pressure and curse to his life (according to the review of the game).

Now the question is what will happen to the Flappy Bird after it remove from Google Play and iTunes? Will the existing Flappy Bird app on smartphones user still work? Or is this a very good opportunity to the creator to earn more because more users will download it before its gone? Or he will release a new and updated one for us to hate it more?

Will you download this app after you knew it will be remove sooner? I say: please don’t! LOL

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