Friday, February 14, 2014

Will You Buy Smartphone with Flappy Bird Installed?

This game according to my many facebook friends is addictive and whenever they got higher score they won’t forget to share it or print screen it and post in their wall.

And because the developer Dong Nguyen remove this app in the apple appstore and google store apps there is no way you can download this game unless you have it before it finally removed in the app store.

But how about those who just starting to learn the Flappy Bird game how can they get this game? Well it is now being sold in different online stores along with the Smartphone.  And surprisingly the price is even higher than getting a new one.

But will you grab this idea for the sake of playing FlappyBird?

1 comment:

  1. though i have nothing against Flappy Bird, this is not my favorite game in the world. if the question is 'would i buy it just so i could play Flappy Bird', well, the answer would be no. i would buy it if i like it whether or not Flappy Bird is installed.. :D


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